300 23rd street

Sharpsburg, PA 15215



* What is the age that you must purchase tickets?

  All ages must have a paid ticket 

* Do I need a signed consent form even if I'm not doing the zip line?

  YES, Everyone entering the property must have a signed consent form

* What if I forget my consent form or I don't have a printer to print it out?

  We will have blank forms at the entrance that must be filled out before entering

* Does the price include the zip line?

  YES, there are two different prices the $10 price include the 600' zip line

    there is a $20 ticket that includes the 1000' valley to valley zip line + everything           else including the 600' zip line 

* Is the price for just admission or what does it include?

  The price includes hayride, games, climbing wall, 600' zip line (11+), haunted trail,         bonfire and a  pumpkin to take home

* Is there a place to purchase food?

   YES, Food will be for sale at the Tionesta Lodge.

          Items such as meatball hoagies $3.00, soup $2.00, pizza $2.00, chicken                   nuggets 5/$1.00, cookies $1.00, Guyasuta mugs $10.00 get $1.00 refills. 

* Can we hike the trail for the non scare and then scare?

   YES, you can hike the trail as many times as you like. The line forms in the activity      field and the castle guard will keep letting people through from 3:00 - 9:00.

* Can I ride the zip line more than once?

    ​The 600' zip line can be rode as many time as you like, you will just have to keep       going to the back of the line. The 1000' valley to valley zip line is only one ride per     ticket.

* Why does the zip line have two different requirements age? weight?

   The 600' zip line is by age  (11+)

   The 1000' zip line is by weight ( 90+ lbs)

* Will the climbing Wall and 600' Zip Line both be open or do I just choose one?

    Yes, Both activities will be open and you can do both of them as many times as           you want with your wristband purchase.

* While doing the zip line am I able to use my phone to record my trip?

  Yes, but doing so at your own risk we are not responsible for any damage if you        should drop your phone.  

* Can I carry a small purse while I go down the Zip Line?

   No, Unfortunately no purses are allowed due to the possibilty of them getting            tangled. You are welcome to leave them in the shed but we are not responsible for    lost or stolen items.

* Can I go to my car if I forgot something and then get back in?

    Yes, you will have a wristband on that will allow access in and out of the camp.

* I am just bringing my child do I need to purchase a wristband?

     Yes, Everyone must purchase a wristband to enter

* My child is under 2 is there a age where they are free?

     No, There is a wristband fee for all ages. Everyone must pay to enter.