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The goals of the program are to provide an opportunity to learn safety and basic marksmanship, to use the awards and achievements of the Scouting program 

Program activities would be for BB Gun, Air Gun and Archery.  Shooting is a skill sport. Skills learned in shooting are valuable in other aspects of life. Learning to be a safe shooter teaches responsibility, self-discipline, self-control, concentration, self-reliance and enhances 
individual self-esteem.

Shooting is a participation sport where no one sits on the sideline to watch, everyone can take part. Persons with physical disabilities can take part along side other shooters. It is also a safe sport because it has a strict code of safety that all shooters follow that has lasting value. Persons of any age can participate, there is a special thrill in being able to hit a target that the shooter isn’t sure can be hit.

The programs would be offered on Wednesday evenings  from 6:30 - 8:30 and on Saturdays.

Our Range is operated with a minimum of two of our certified instructors, One being a NRA Range Safety Officer for BB and Air Gun shooting and one certified instructor for archery are on the range at all times.

This MUST be scheduled a min of two weeks in advance.

Scheduling can be done by calling 412-782-2669.

A range fee would be charged for all levels of shooting. This fee would be used to offset the maintenance on the equipment and to purchase new equipment targets and traps.

Scout Fees for Shooting Sports :

BB Guns / Archery –$10.00 - Cub Scout, Boy Scout or Venturing 

  2 Hours Shooting Sports for Boy Scout
    minimum 8 people max 32 people

2 Hours Shooting Sports for Non Boy Scouts / Field Trips

$15.00 per person minimum 16 people max 32 people

Call or Email to schedule your Shooting Program 
412-782-2669   or

$40.00 Nonrefundable deposit due at time of reservation